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                  SCHOOL ISSUES

"As a single mom of two teenagers who don't always get along, I was originally referred to Linda for help with managing family issues.  Warmth and genuine caring were two characteristics that stood out in our first session, and quickly became the foundation for long-term counseling relationships for myself and my daughter.  Linda has a unique ability to connect with teens and adults alike by validating our challenges, listening to what is said and hearing what is not, and offering practical advice that is actionable.  'It is not like being in a counseling session,' says my sixteen year old daughter, 'it's like talking to a real person who I can relate to.'  For me, it's like having a friend who doesn't judge, who goes above and beyond to support me in dealing with tough mental and physical health problems, and understands the foils of trying to be everything to everybody.  Over the past few years, my relationship with Linda has been a haven of support, reflection, and comfort."

                                                                                                                                                                                               --Sharyn H.

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